Safe N Care provide protected and rapid car carrier service in all over India. We have professional drivers and car carriers to move your cars and other vehicles within India. We always use Maruti car trailers, which are specially designed for safe moving of car and pother vehicles from one place to another. Safe N Care can also move car from client’s doorstep and can handle detailed documents on behalf of them if they required.

Our Simple Car Shipping Philosophy in being auto movers Our commitment as a family owned and operated auto shipping business is simple that has created thousands of satisfied auto shipping customers: Treat your car like our car. Simple, right? Then why is it overlooked by so many others auto shipping companies. We, Safe N Care, offer professional and prompt car transport at affordable rates. We never cut car transport corners to cut costs of shipping your car. If you choose to Transport your car, we, Safe N Care, will transport your car wherever you’re moving, we, Safe N Care, will make sure the shipping of your car is followed – safely, securely and cost-effectively. We, Vinayak Cargo packers and movers, understand that having someone transport your car is no small matter – your car is not only an expensive possession, it’s also part of your family. Our 5 Star car transport Car Carriers take great care to ensure that the auto shipping of your car is protected from start to finish. And unlike other car carriers, once your car is on our transport, it doesn?t get off until it reaches its destination. There’s no loading and reloading at big consolidation centers. Minimized handling means a minimum risk of problems when transporting your car.